Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Les théâtres Romains de fourvière

Last Sunday, since ALL THE STORES IN FRANCE WERE CLOSED, I decided to scrap my plans of going shopping for necessities and instead got directions (thanks, google maps!) to walk to the Roman theatre ruins, which are about 20 minutes from my apartment.  20 minutes doesn't sound like much, but it's a pretty intense 20 minutes.  The theatres are up on top of a giant hill called fourvière and I had to hike up a staircase that rivaled the steps on the Great Wall to get there.  The park with the ruins is entirely free, which is definitely a plus because it's a really neat place to just hang out for a while.
This is the main theatre.  It's the biggest in the park and can hold over 2000 people!  Imagine that in the early centuries AD.  At that time, Lyon was a major trading city and had a population of over 12,000 while Paris at the time only had 3,000 or so.

 This theatre is smaller, but it's my favorite because it has a pretty marble floor. 
The floor is made of different colored marble from all over the Mediterranean and dates from the 2-3 century AD.  And it's still so pretty!!!
The rest are pictures that I took on my way back to my apartment.
A view of the Saône river.
I no longer have funny english translations, but I found an interesting political sticker on this sign.  It says "Let's leave the Republican Matrix".  I was also invited (by a college professor) to a demonstration protesting the closing of a local movie theatre.  Oh, France.

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